Erdoğan KARA on Kasım 23rd, 2009

History of Yusufeli: The first establishment of the subprefecture was realized in 1879 with the name of “Kiskim” (Alanbaşı village). The center of subpnfecture was connected to Artvin in 1926 by the law no: Ej.77. Geographical Structure: From geographical structure standpoint, Yusufeli has a very- broken ground, mountainous and rocky areas.

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Erdoğan KARA on Kasım 23rd, 2009

History of Savsat: Şavşat was under the sovereignty of Urartians, Kimmerians, Saka Turks, Romans and Sasanians between 900 and 950 Re. It was added to the Ottoman territories during Sultan Selim, and included in Turkey by Gumru Treaty in 1921, and connected in Artvin province in the same year.

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Erdoğan KARA on Kasım 23rd, 2009

History of Murgul: In the 10th century, Murgul was invaded by the Seljuks. This region added to the Ottoman territories during Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror was suffered by Russian invasion during the Ottoman-Russian war in 1877. It was added again to the Turkish lands in 1920. Murgul has become a subprefecture af ter 1950.

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Erdoğan KARA on Kasım 23rd, 2009

History of Borcka: It is reported in written documents that the first residents in the region in which Artvin and Borçka are located, had been the Hurries. It is known that Hurries, starting from 2000 Re., had established a state in a large area. Various written literature report that Urartians had extended in a large […]

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Erdoğan KARA on Kasım 23rd, 2009

History Of Arhavi: It was connected to Rize Governorship of Sancak of Trabzon province after Russian invasion in Batum in 1877. Arhavi was given a sub prefecture statue in June 1954 following the connection of Hopa to Arhavi. Arhavi located in north of eastern Black Sea mountains is surrounded with the Black Sea in north, […]

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Erdoğan KARA on Kasım 23rd, 2009

History of Ardanuc: In prehistoric times Urartians, Saka Turks, and Iskit Turks in the 8th century Re., and after 75 A.D., the Caspians, Barsellians and Bagratians, which were ancient branches of Oğuz tribe, settled in Ardanuç. In the time of Süleyman the Magnificent, Ardanuç was conquered in 1551 A.D. by Iskender Pasha. He established the […]

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Erdoğan KARA on Ekim 31st, 2009

Artvin is located on the east of the Black Sea Region, and there is Ardahan on the east and southeast, Erzurum on the south, Rize on the west, Black Sea on the northwest and the Republic of Georgia on the north. The total area of Artvin is 7,436 sq km and it has 34 km […]

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