History of Ardanuc: In prehistoric times Urartians, Saka Turks, and Iskit Turks in the 8th century Re., and after 75 A.D., the Caspians, Barsellians and Bagratians, which were ancient branches of Oğuz tribe, settled in Ardanuç. In the time of Süleyman the Magnificent, Ardanuç was conquered in 1551 A.D. by Iskender Pasha. He established the Ardanuç Flag of Ottomans. Ardanuç was invaded by Englishmen and Georgians after the Mondros Armistice but taken back on March 7, 1921 by Gumru Treaty, and took its position within today’s borders. Ardanuç, which has been connected politically to Artvin until1945, became a sub prefecture in the same year. Daha fazlasını oku