History of Yusufeli: The first establishment of the subprefecture was realized in 1879 with the name of “Kiskim” (Alanbaşı village). The center of subpnfecture was connected to Artvin in 1926 by the law no: Ej.77.

Geographical Structure: From geographical structure standpoint, Yusufeli has a very- broken ground, mountainous and rocky areas. The centers of settlements are located alongside of Çoruh River and Barhal Creek. it has a climate suitable for agriculture and husbandry.

Education and Cultural Structure:In the subprefectural area, there are 1 kindergarten, 39 primary schools, 1 primary school with board .

Health Care Services:Health care services are introduced in 44 rural health centers.

Economy: Silk carpet weaving, carpet weaving, and pile less carpet weaving have just been started to become home-made production. Seventy percent of subprefectural population works in foreign countries. The small-scale family operations such as in apiculture, fishing and poultry provide contributions to family economy. In addition rice agriculture, fruit and vegetable growing are seen in the lands suitable for cultivation.

Rafting, alpinism, hunting, and trekking in plateaus are interested in. by number of local and foreign tourists.


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