Who is Erdogan KARA

Erdoğan Kara was born in the village of Ciritdüzü in Şavşat district of Artvin, in April 1970. He completed his primary education at Ciritdüzü Village Primary School in the same village. In 1978, when his brother Nurbay KARA was only 13 years old, he lost his life to a killer’s bullet, marking the beginning of a period of great sorrow for the family.

In 1981, after completing primary school, his father Abbas Kara (Cavit Hoca) passed away. Consequently, he took a one-year break from his education and then went to the Orphanage in Artvin to continue his education. There, he started his education at Artvin Imam Hatip High School and continued. However, he could only endure the conditions of the orphanage for two years, and when his brother also completed his primary education, the family moved to the town center of Şavşat District.

He continued his secondary education at Şavşat Imam Hatip High School and completed it there. However, in 1989, he graduated from Artvin Imam Hatip High School. That same year, he was admitted to the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Boğaziçi University, from which he graduated in 1995. Two years later, when his brother Armağan KARA also gained admission to Istanbul University, the family moved to Istanbul. Boğaziçi University marked the second major turning point in his life. Here, he studied Turkish Language and Literature, as well as working on Ottoman Turkish, Etymology, and Linguistics, and showing interest in Arabic, Persian, Russian, and Japanese languages.

That same year, he started working at an export company, and in 1997, he completed his 8 month military service at the Ankara Signal School. After his military service, Erdoğan KARA continued his professional career as a budget and reporting specialist at Albaraka Türk Participation Bank. At the end of 1999, he left there and continued his career at Kanal7 Media Group.

After his father’s death in 1981, he and his brother managed the timber workshop that remained as a legacy until they moved to Istanbul. This way, he continued his work life alongside his education. He also continued to work part-time during his university years.

After graduating from university, he wanted to pursue academic studies on Turkish Language but was not able to do so due to the academic environment of the time, especially due to partisan structures. Realizing that he could not pursue academic studies, he turned to work life and became more involved in financial matters. Erdoğan KARA, who also holds a Press Card, has conducted studies on Turkish Language and Literature and has written poems on various subjects.

In 2009, he started his master’s degree at Beykent University, Faculty of Business Administration, International Economic Politics and Management Institute with the thesis title “Information Society and Media”, but he could not submit his thesis due to the problems experienced in the institution where he worked at that time.

He has predominantly continued his professional life in finance and media. He has three children named Damla, Emre, and Emir.

Traveling and writing are his two greatest passions. Apart from these, taking photographs and participating in cultural studies are also among his hobbies.