History of Hopa : Hopa was added to the Ottoman State during Sultan Selim’s Governorship of Trabzon in 1490 to 1512.

Geography: Hopa is located in the east portion of eastern Black Sea region. The Republic of Georgia is located in east, Arhavi in west, Borçka in south and the Black Sea in north. The distance to the border gate, named the Sarp where passes to the Republic of Georgia are opened, is 18 km, and to the provincial center is 65 km. it is such a position of intersection on international road to Trabzon-Rize-Artvin-ArdahanKars-Erzurum and the Republic of Georgia.

Education and Cultural Structure: In the subprefectural area, there are 9 kindergardens, 19 primary schools, 1 primary school with board and 2 high schools for children’s education.

The Culture, Art and Sea Festival of Hopa arranged under the auspices of subprefectural governorship and municipality is organized in the first week ofJuly each year. Subprefectural folk-dances are the “horon” kind in general.

Health Care Services: Health care services are introduced in a State Hospital with SO-bed capacity and 19 rural health centers.

Economy:In the cultivated lands of subprefecture tea, hazel nut, citrus fruits, kiwi and black grapes of which are suitable products for area climate. Fishing is important in subprefectural economy. In Hopa, there are 3 tea factories, 1 flour mill, 1 thermal power station as industrial facilities. The Hopa Port which has an important position in subprefectural economy, and having an infrastructure of which any and all port-services can be introduced, is operated by a private sector. The port is established in an area of 100.000 m2, and is 15 km far from the border gate of Sarp to the Georgia in the east border of eastern Black Sea.

As of the end of 2002, Artvin realized the import of USD 115 million and the export of USD 120 million.




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